CHW 3 on the knee

N ew Guard America, holder of 13 Guinness World Records and 11 world championship competition titles, is the world's only internationally touring professional civilian fixed bayonet rifle exhibition drill team, and has been captivating audiences across the United States since 1997. Widely regarded as the best in the world, New Guard America, features six rifle sequences of such extreme risk and difficulty, they are the only drill team in the world that can perform them.

The weapons used during their performances are the M1903-03 rifle. These weapons were used by US military during World Wars I and II. Together with the 10 inch fixed steel bayonet, these weapons are a few ounces shy of 10 pounds.

New Guard America regularly trains at their facility in the evenings for about three hours; usually until physical exhaustion or injury, and hold full time jobs during the day. Each member trains and performs strictly for the love of the art, and does so at their own risk. Their mottos are:

New Guard America's founder, Constantine Wilson, credits his choreographic inspiration and success of the team to Christ. "Our routine is very risky," says Mr. Wilson, "and even though we have performed this routine for some time now, we have never lost respect for the potential dangers that are involved. I am thankful for the guidance and protection that God gives us."

The NGA Cross on Cross
New Guard America's owner/founder, Constantine Wilson, has been training championship and world class drill teams for over 35 years, including the US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team, and currently holds nine World Records in rifle exhibition drill.