CHW 3 on the knee

"When I was in high school I was a member of the JROTC rifle shooting and drill teams. When I found your site I was really impressed... I would put your team against the regular military units any time. Keep up the good work.

Thank you from a Viet Nam Vet."

-W. Vento

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"...what you all can do is amazing! I am the commander of the Hickman County, Tennessee Heavy Exhibition Drill Team and I have never seen anything like you... Keep it up."

-A. Bennett
Army, United States

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Chinese Translation

Roughly translated:
"I enjoy your team and performances very much. I have posted your videos and web links on our forums [in Taiwan] so everyone can know about New Guard America."

-L. Shang

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"I'd just like to say [that] the rest of my drill team and I think you guys are amazing. Just watching your videos makes us try new things and push our skills everyday; so Thank You for that.

I wanted to join New Guard for the longest time but I ended up joining the Army [National Guard, United States] and I plan to continue [my] drill [with the 3rd Inf. Old Guard Drill Team] after I graduate. Drill Exhibition is my life and that is partly thanks to New Guard.

You are the best there is.

Thank you,"

T. Smith

The NGA Cross on Cross
New Guard America's owner/founder, Constantine Wilson, has been training championship and world class drill teams for over 35 years, including the US Navy Ceremonial Guard Drill Team, and currently holds nine World Records in rifle exhibition drill.